The Theatre club has been set up to create awareness among students of the college about dramas, one-act plays, films as well as educative and informative documentaries. In order to hone their histrionic skills, students are given training in acting, stage management, operating light and sound, makeup and costume designing. The club hopes to conduct discussions and workshops on drama & film appreciation. Campus Theatre stages plays and conducts seminars on various aspects of drama.

The Film Club seeks to promote the cinematic culture among the students of FMNC and to encourage a milieu where ‘Poetry in motion’ becomes one of the great sources of their aesthetic and academic excellence.

The objectives of the Film Club are:
· To help students to make short video films
· To create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film making.
· To screen good films and evaluate them critically.
· To conduct seminars, workshop, Quiz competitions and Film Festivals.

1. Mr Stancilaus S. (Convenor)
2. Mr Linda Pious John
3. Dr Y. Mercy Famila
4. Mr Manoj Kumar V.
5. Dr B. Sinilal
6. Dr Anil Kumar
7. Mr Siju Wills
8. Dr S.V. Sudheesh Sam

FMNC Admission 2022