Dr Vincent B Netto

Welcome to Fatima.
Established in 1951 by the late Bishop Jerorme Fernandez, Fatima has grown from strength to strength through nearly seven decades of its existence, providing an atmosphere of high academic excellence and cultural opportunities for the overall development of its students. By design, the college has focused on providing degree programmes in basic disciplinary domains in preference to those with vocational thrust. This comes out of a belief that only students equipped with sound conceptual foundations will be able to pursue many divergent and nonlinear paths, critical for innovative pursuit of knowledge and professional careers in the higher echelons.
Although the college functions within the constraints of the curricular framework prescribed by the parent university, it leverages relative autonomy to help students accomplish the generic goals of education, and attain specific course objectives and learning outcomes. The college is gearing itself for a paradigm shift in tune with the changing times by making the teaching-learning process student-centric, highly interactive and innovative, blending a variety of methods including ICT as deemed suitable. Mentoring, tutorials, and continuous assessment will be made use of to identify students’ learning difficulties and special needs so that no student is left behind and everyone receives adequate support through remedial and bridge courses. Enhancement of language proficiency and communication skills through specially designed courses will be prioritised.
 Special focus would be on extension activities to connect the students to the world of work and communities.
The college is now focused on how best to tap the opportunities offered by the National Knowledge Network and the full potential of connectivity. The faculty and the students will be persuaded to make discerning use of MOOCs and lessons available from the best institutions across the world, integrating these in a structured manner to complement and supplement the existing courses. It is our hope that online transnational collaborations will be realized in the near future.
Swaach Fatima campaign has yet to harvest tangible outcomes. The college holding hands with the PTA has decided to invest in solid waste management, guided by the principles of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Several Committees and Clubs have been re-activated to tap the potential of students by working with single minded devotion in setting a Fatima Style.
The College has a roll call of illustrious alumni, and does not shy away from its social responsibility in producing responsible citizens.
As a reputed institution, Fatima is well aware that it cannot afford to be complacent. It continues to be reflective of and responsive to the paradigmatic changes in education, and in particular to the needs of the new generation of students. There should be more interdisciplinary opportunities, vocational courses and add-on programmes. We intend to offer them as non-credit, self-financing, short-duration courses certified by the college.
Faculty recruitment is often much delayed due to reasons beyond control. To ensure there is no shortfall of faculty, the college appoints ad hoc and guest faculty.
These are exciting times for the college as it is well prepared to meet the educational needs of the millennium generation. It is ready to leap frog to the future of education that will explore diverse technologies to build communities of globally connected learners. The college intends to Innovate, Collaborate, Educate and Empower so as to make the students successful in their professional and personal lives; and to help them become true knowledge seekers with capacity to give wings to their dreams.

Best Wishes and Warm regards
Dr Vincent B. Netto

FMNC Admission 2021