Rt Rev Dr Paul Antony Mullassery

His eminence Paul Antony Mullassery
 (born 15 January 1960) is the 14th Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Quilon. His Lordship also served as Judicial Vicar since 2013 and the Vicar General of the Diocese since 2017 as well as the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese. He was ordained as the Bishop on 3 June 2018 at Fatima Mata National College ground with many Bishops attending the function. He would be a celebrant in the mass on 24 February 2019 which would mark the start of the canonization process of Bishop Jerome. M. Fernandez. The Bishop of the ancient diocese of Quilon and the patron of our college inspires us in every way by his powerful spiritual guidance and painstaking commitment to the grooming of virtuous human persons by way of meaningful education for life. He distinguishes our college to be the fount from where the Church and society will receive good citizens equipped to serve the humanity and universe. Having made his studies in European universities and being aware of the international level of educational institutions, he is also keen on providing the best facilities to the students in order to create an environment of friendship, cordiality and fruitful learning.

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