The Academic Council shall have the following powers and functions in relation to examination.

  • To exercise general supervision over the academic work of the college and to give directions regarding methods of instruction, evaluation and research for improvement of academic standards;
  • To prescribe curricula / courses of studies for courses leading to degrees and diplomas;
  • To scrutinize and approve the proposals of Boards of Studies with or without modification;
  • To formulate rules and regulations for conduct of examinations and evaluation, not inconsistent with the provisions of the Examination Manual.


1. Dr Jojo P. J., Principal (Chairman)
2. Dr  T.S. Anirudhan, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Kerala (University Nominee)
3. Dr G. Raju, Professor, Dept. of Commerce, University of Kerala (University Nominee)
4. Dr Achuthsankar S. Nair, Professor & Head, Dept. of Computational Biology & Bio-Informatics, University of Kerala (University Nominee)
5. Dr B. Johnson (Professor, Dept. of Commerce & Management Studies, University of Calicut)
6. Dr Stephen Nigli Joseph (Registrar, B.J.Institute of Engineering, Kollam)
7. Dr Sindha Mendez
8. Adv. Francis John
9. Dr Cynthia Catherine Michael (Vice Principal)
10. Dr Shelly M.R. (Vice Principal)
11. Ms Sylvia Antony
12. Dr Jojo P. J.  (Secretary)
13. Dr Saju S.  
14. Dr Valsalachandran K.  
15. Dr Cynthia Catherine Michael      
16. Dr Satheesh Kumar G.
17. Dr J. Nirmala Jeyarani 
18. Dr Titus A.R.
19. Dr Apsara A.P.
20. Ms Linda Pious John 
21. Dr Manohar D. Mullassery 
22. Dr Patricia John 
23. Ms Nisha Thomas P.   
24. Dr  Shaiju  P.N. 
25. Mr Girish U.
26. Dr Anil Jose P.S.
27. Dr C. Francis 
28. Dr K.S. Dersanambika
29. Mr Prijith Jacob Thomas
30. Mr Sanal Raj M.K. (Senior Superintendent)

FMNC Admission 2021