The college is working in close partnership with the UGC, the state government and the University of Kerala to ensure that we have the right information and safe procedures to compact the pandemic. It is essential that you follow all government guidance when in college, including rules around socialising.

The health and wellbeing of our College community is our top priority. We are here to help all members make creative, COVID-safe adjustments to way we live, learn, socialise and work.

Please read the guidelines here: Circular, Guidelines



  • IQAC streamlined academic deliberations with internationally and nationally renowned resource persons by organizing 43 webinars in collaboration with departments
  • IQAC organized online training sessions for teachers on FATIMA Learning Management System and other online teaching and evaluation platforms
  • IQAC coordinated the faculty wise e-content developments and linked the contents with FATIMA YouTube Channel
  • IQAC served online platforms for BoS Meeting, Academic Council Meeting, Governing Council Meeting, and all other meetings
  • Community Health Club in collaboration with Department of Zoology organized Corona Awareness Class on 11.02.2020. Dr Sandhya, District Medical Officer handled the session
  • Zoology Students volunteered for Covid Duty in liaising with NCC at Fishing Harbour at Vaddy, Kollam
  • Department of Psychology organized Sanitizer Distribution & Awareness Talk about Covid 19 on 14.03.2020 at Kollam Railway Station
  • Department of Psychology organized Tele-Counselling sessions in association with Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) on 01.05.1920
  • Dr Fresnal Das, Assistant Professor of Psychology, delivered a lecture on “Breathe! Its Ok, not to be Ok” for Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science (Autonomous) & Vidhaipom Foundation on 10.10.2020
  • Department of Physical Education in collaboration with IQAC organized a webinar on “The Seven Rainbow Rules for Health and Longevity”. Dr Jaqueline Michael, University of Sydney, Australia was the resource person
  • Department of Physical Education in collaboration with IQAC organized a webinar on “Yoga Prescription for Covid 19”. Dr Soumitra Mandal, Meckelle University, Ethiopia was the resource person
  • Department of English (Self Financing) has organized a webinar on Covid 19 Updates’. The chief speaker was Dr John Campbell, WHO Expert, UK.
  • Department of Psychology in association with the IQAC organized Webinar Series on Mental Health from 12.10.2021 to 16.10.2021
  • Sanitizer prepared in the Chemistry laboratory was distributed in the premises of Kollam railway station
  • Hand Sanitizer required for the entire End Semester Examinations at FMN College was prepared and bottled in the Chemistry Laboratory by our faculty
  • Under the Student Welfare Scheme, free data provided to needy students. An amount of Rs.12000/- spent in this regard
  • Department of Malayalam in association with IQAC organized 7 webinars in the theme Malayalam Literature and Art during the Covid-19 period.
  • Mr. Allen Shaji, MSc Botany student has participated as a volunteer in the Covid19 prevention, treatment and rehabilitation works conducted in Perinad Panchayth, Kollam district. As part of the activities, food, medicine and other essential commodities like clothes were distributed to the people who were suffering due to the disease and lack of employment during the days of the lockdown imposed. Mr. Allen also participated as in the community kitchen started in the Panchayath to feed those who affected badly. He was also working in the group concerned with the transportation of people who had difficulty in accessing hospital facilities for testing and treatment. The money needed for these activities were contributed by the generous people around. Some other contributions in the form of food materials, medicines clothes etc were also collected and distributed to those who deserve.
  • Anupama B Nalinakshan, MSc Botany student, was engaged in the activities coordinated by the Youth Defense Force of Kerala State Youth Commission in Neduvathoor Panchayath of Kollam district. Major activities carried out were preparation and distribution of food, assisting heath workers, setting up of quarantine centres for those who came from foreign countries etc. Another important task was the transportation of suspected and affected people to the nearby medical college at Parippally. These supports were also extended to the regions designated as containment zones. Since the task force was also engaged in prevention activities, Anupama could also take part in those. 
  • Department of Physics organized several online competitions for students this time and they were awarded with data vouchers of 1 GB, 1.5 GB and 2 GB
  • NCC Volunteers were active throughout the lockdown period in assisting the local administration in crowd control, mass sanitizing drives etc.
  • The activities of NSS units commenced with a token programme of distributing saplings to teachers and a few of the volunteers on the 6th of June,2020. It was part of a state level NSS programme conducted virtually .All the teachers present representatives of the Administration wing and five volunteers gathered in front of the college. We all moved towards the front garden of the college with saplings held in our hands like lamps. Dr .Parvaty ,Dean of Arts and Mr. Sanal ,head of the Administration in our college planted a sapling each in the garden inaugurating the programme. The volunteers were also asked to plant the saplings they had sprouted during the lockdown period in their home garden on the same day. It was amid a lot of apprehensions regarding Covid Protocol and the spread of the pandemic that this programme was conducted.
  • Yoga   the music of life’ Practice of Yoga during the period of lockdown: Yoga Day is observed on 21 June every year. The senior volunteers were already very much aware of Yoga and its benefits from awareness classes and practice sessions conducted during the previous year. One of the seniors made a presentation on Yoga and demonstrated some of the most beneficial Aasanas in an online session. Almost all our volunteers practised these Aasanas throughout the period of lockdown.
  • AS part of Vimukti Programmes meant for activities in connection with Anti-narcotic drive, the NSS volunteers organized an online Competition for Poetry Writing, Short story writing and Poster making for NSS volunteers alone. Constructive thoughts emerged in their creative pieces. A poem of our Volunteer Leader Allen Antony Andrews given below, is a case in point.
  • A webinar was conducted in collaboration with the IQAC of the college to caution the NSS volunteers of the dangers that lurk in the vast expanse of the virtual world and to sensitize them of the need to respond to cyberbullying. The chief resource person was Sanjay Kumar Gurudin IPS, DIG of Trivandrum Range. Apart from him Narayanan T. IPS also responded to the queries from the students on the dangers of the cyberworld. It was certainly an enlightening discussion for several of our volunteers. The programme was on the 1st of August, 2020.
  • Facial masks proved to be one of the ways to save our lives these days. Therefore one might say that  the distribution of masks and the necessity of wearing masks have a huge bearing today. Our volunteers, though held up in their locality due to lockdown took upon themselves the task of making masks and distributing them to the needy in their neighbourhood. The task of making masks and sanitisers started in July and the volunteers take it as an ongoing programme that has to last until Kerala gets freed of the threat of the pandemic.
  • NSS volunteers took up the task of creating a vegetable garden near the front gate of our college. The programme was initiated and funded by PTA. The NSS volunteers contributed much to the task through their physical work. As part of this programme all the NSS volunteers of our college planted saplings in their home garden, the yards of the neighbouring houses and the the unutilized land belonging to local self governing bodies on 22 December.
  • NSS volunteers made use of their time during the lockdown crafting various artefacts meant for practical use. Many of these pieces could also be used as objects of beauty. These craftworks produced during the lock down were showcased in an exhibition conducted online.
  • A Cloak of Care on Pain-‘ An effort to ease the pain of the  bed-ridden patients: Palliative Care is an area that the NSS units are actively engaged in. Several bed- laid patients in and around places of residence of our volunteers comforted with care by  our volunteers. It was a boon to them especially in the context of the lockdown declared in order to bring down the rate the spread of Covid-19.Some of these patients were left in the agony of lonliness and isolation during the daytime. The presence of volunteers in their home and near them really comforted them  .In fact the Palliative unit commenced working as part of the NSS units of our college only the previous year. Considering this short span of time, the work of the NSS units in this regard is certainly commendable.
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