Class Counsellors and Mentors


In order to facilitate better coordination of class activities, the class coordinator system functions very effectively in Fatima. It aims at building up a better student community by helping maintain discipline and order among students. The ‘open house system’ introduced recently gives an opportunity for the parents and teachers to meet together and discuss the problems and progress of the students concerned. A class coordinator cum counsellor is in charge of each class. S/he monitors the attendance and progress of the students of the class. S/he directs group activities like excursions and socials. All applications for leave, financial help, conduct certificate etc. should be forwarded through him/her.


Instructions for conducting mentoring in the college was given to the mentors. Need and process of mentoring was apprised to the mentees through mentors. For a group of nearly 20 mentees, one mentor has been assigned the responsibility of mentoring. Personal mentoring and group mentoring are resorted to based on the issues faced by the mentees. The issues of personal nurture is being addressed through personal mentoring and those of common nature is being solved through group mentoring. A register with details of mentor and mantees and their problem resolved is being maintained in all the department for reference. List of mentees and mentors is also kept in the department.

CLASS COUNSELLORS: Academic Year 2017-18

B.Com S1 & S2 - Ms Ancy John
B.Com S3 & S4 - Ms Sangeetha Vincent
B. Com S5 & S6 - Mr John Britto J.
M. Com S1 & S2 - Ms Catherine E. Pereira
M. Com S3 & S4 - Dr Valsalachandran K.

B.A. S1 & S2 (A Batch) - Ms Neethu M. Mathews
B.A. S1 & S2 (B Batch) - Mr Manu V.
B.A. S3 & S4 (A Batch) - Ms Minu Elza R
B.A. S3 & S4 (B Batch) - Mr Siju Wills
B.A. S5 & S6 (A Batch) - Ms Ayona Nelson
B.A. S5 & S6 (B Batch) - Ms. Stella S
M. A. S1 & S2 - Ms Liya Joy
M. A. S3 & S4 - Dr Mary Antony

B.A. S1 & S2 - Dr Deepthi P.R.
B.A. S3 & S4 - Dr Vijindas S.
B.A. S5 & S6 - Dr C. Francis

B.A. S1 & S2 - Mr Christy Clement
B.A. S3 & S4 - Mr Stancilaus S.
B.A. S5 & S6 - Ms Jaya Sunny
M.A. S1 & S2 - Dr M. Supriya
M.A. S3 & S4 - Dr S. Parvathy

B.A. S1 & S2 - Ms Asa Stephen
B.A. S3 & S4 - Mr Girish U.
B.A. S5 & S6 - Dr Shelley M.R.
M.A. S1 & S2 - Ms Alice Dominic
M.A. S3 & S4 - Ms Mary C.

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr A.S. Rubin Jose
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Ms Siji V.
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Dr Shaiju P.N.
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Ms J. Nirmala Jayarani
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr B. Sinilal

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Shibu Joseph S. T.
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Biju Mathew
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Dr Noeline B. Fernandez
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Manohar D. Mullassery
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Sarau Devi A.

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Mary Nancy T.E.
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Apsara A.P.
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Dr Suma N.

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Ms Ann Varghese
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Ms Rosini B.
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Ms Sindhu V.
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Ms Sahni M.R.
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr K.S. Dersanambika

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Ben Byju
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Mr R. Ratheesh Kumar
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Ms Bindu Christopher
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Mr Ignatius J.
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Mr Sunil A.

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Sajimon P.P.
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Ms Aparna K. K.
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Mr Sijin K. S.
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Mr Fresnal Das
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Anil Jose P. S.

B.Sc S1 & S2 - Dr Sheethalal P.S.
B.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Sarlin P. J.
B.Sc S5 & S6 - Dr Sherly Williams E.
M.Sc S1 & S2 - Ms Nisha Thomas P
M.Sc S3 & S4 - Dr Antony Akhila Thomas


B.Com Co-operation S1 & S2 - Ms Santhini Villiam
B.Com Co-operation S3 & S4 - Ms Anitha K. S.
B. Com Co-operation S5 & S6 - Mr C S Raja Mohan
B.Com Computer Application S1 & S2 - Ms Margret J.
B.Com Computer Application S3 & S4 - Mr Johnson K. Y.

B.A S1 & S2 - Ms Mila Michael
B.A. S3 & S4 - Ms Veena Susan Mathew
B.A. S5 & S6 - Mr Praphulla Chandran

BCA S1 & S2 - Ms Annie Johnson
BCA S3 & S4 - Ms Aparna R.
BSc CS S5 & S6 - Ms Annet John

Computer Science - Ms Aparna R.
Commerce - Mr Johnson K. Y.
English - Ms Veena Susan Mathew