Value Added Learning

Value Added Education

At Fatima Mata National College, Value Education is not relegated in to a mere academic exercise, an essential requirement for grades. Here it is perceived as a tool, a methodology, a help, in short, a way of life, to come face to face with the values and counter values of the world around. Students are encouraged to discuss their own value patterns and system, there by building up the convictions to opt for humane and just values. Every Wednesday, a special session is dedicated for value education classes. The class teacher spends quality time with the students. Through messages, role play, anecdotes, experience sharing and other interactive sessions, values are inculcated in the young minds. The allotted time is fruitfully utilized to nurture humane values and to groom desirable personality traits in students. Students are given brief time slots to occupy centre stage and make short presentations. Personality development, leadership training and social or self awareness exercises are done in the class.

Why Value Education?

Value education sessions are based on the understanding that our life actions are dictated by our value systems and principles. When the younger generation gets a proper value education, they learn to question, to understand and to ultimately decide for themselves, their values, attitudes and customs.

Through proper value education sessions, students are motivated to preserve the best and worthwhile aspects of our culture. Students are equipped to question, to explore and to understand values, attitudes and beliefs. Care is also taken to widen the mental horizon and to broaden the outlook of the students so that they learn to understand and accommodate people adhering to different value systems.

Objectives of Value Added Learning

  • To clarify values and analyse problems.
  • To enable students to evolve a positive outlook to life.
  • To enable students to understand others, to show concern, thus making the world a better place.
  • To provoke students to think critically.
  • *o master self and social awareness.
  • To enable students to achieve a humanistic attitude.
  • To make students understand the relevance of ethics.
  • To inculcate moral values.
  • To promote integrated development of human personality.
  • To help students attain full development of their personality by attaining full growth in the physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual and social spheres.

Values In Action

 Value Education has brought visible impact in the general atmosphere of the campus. Teachers and students are bound together with feelings of mutual respect and fellow feelings. Students adhere to the norms and regulations of the college. Regular interaction between the teachers and the students both during  the regular value education sessions on Wednesdays and other one to one meetings, ensures that a proper value system is  internalized by the student community. This is reflected in the peaceful atmosphere of the campus.

During the regular value education hour on Wednesdays, students are given opportunities to share their views and experiences. 

Committee Members 2017-18
Mr Stancilaus S. (Convenor)
Dr Christa E Pereira
Dr Mary Nancy T E
Ms Ann Varghese
Ms Annie Johnson
Rev. Fr Sanu Francis


Committee Members 2016-17
Dr C Francis (Convenor)
Dr Sarau Devi A
Ms Catherine E Pereira
MsRosini B


Committee Members 2015-16
Dr Ivy Philip (Convenor)
Prof. V Vimala
Ms Catherine E Pereira
Dr Noeline B Fernandez
Mr Stancilaus S.
Dr Rubin Jose
Ms Ann Varghese


Committee Members 2014-15
Dr C Francis (Convenor)
Dr Sheeja Mathews
Ms Catherine E Pereira
Ms Jain Rani
Dr Shalini Mathews


Committee Members 2013-14
Dr C Francis (Convenor)
Dr Usha L R
Ms Hycinth Sophia Paul
Ms T C Kochuthresia
Ms Grata Ildaphonse
Ms Linda Pious
Dr Mercy Famila


Value education committee has brought out two volumes of Mindscape in the print format. Mindscape –A Vademecum of Value Education contains articles highlighting essential values to mould young minds. The third volume in the digital format adds new topics for discussion in the classroom.


Mindscape Vol 1 (Snippet view)
Mindscape Vol II 

Mindscape Vol III

Fatima Life Line

The millennial generation is expected to be highly skilled tech savvy, confident multi tasker primed to succeed by optimizing their civic engagements. The Institutional initiative to co-create an Intelligent Learning eco-system that sustains a next-gen platform, is premised on the belief that value-creation go hand in hand with community and  nation building. Fatima College  has effectively translated ,over the years ,this challenge to inculcate desirable value system  promoting sustainable co-existence across cultural pluralities at local ,national and global levels. Platform for, exercising social responsibilities of the students, is provided on a regular basis to optimize their inherent human values and secular co-existence through NSS, NCC, AICUF, Jesus Youth, extension activities clubs and forums.

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