IT Facilities

Fatima College has already stepped into becoming an IT Campus with a full-fledged Wi-Fi campus and also with a complete LAN facility. Every department and  computer in the college is connected under a single hub. We also have a Cyber Room and internet facilitated Labs for students to use for research and internet browsing. We also provide individual email addresses under the college domain for staffs.

Wi-Fi Facility

The whole campus in the college is Wi-Fi enabled. Every block in the campus has Wi-Fi hotspots providing internet facility at a very high speed of 4 Mb/s. This Wi-Fi facility is done as part of a contract between our college and Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

Internet Facility

Cyber Room is an internet cafe mainly for the students of the college. This is used by the students for research related works, assignments and project works are also done by students using the facility. All the labs in the college including Computer Dept. Lab, Zoology Dept. Computer Lab, Botany Computer Lab are all available with internet facility for the students.


The whole campus is completely LAN connected. Every department, Library, Computer Labs and Office are all connected under a single networked connection. The connection is made most secure to threats from outside by a firewalled internet connection. The Library, Office & Controller of Examination Office are all 24/7 UPS power backed for uninteruppted usage.


College provides customized emails for staffs of the college under the college domain name. This email facility was started in 2013. The official mail Id of the college is also under the same domain name


We have a customized software known as IMS (Institutional Management System) bought from ROVAN, Sivakasi for Office automation. This software is used for Administration, Students Attendance, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Internal Marks which are all automated. The Office automation was first started in 2014 after becoming an autonomy. Frist a company named IOLite Technologies provided the software Knowledge Pro, which was the first automation software. In 2017 we bought a fully automated software ROVAN IMS from ROVAN Technologies for our office automation.

Automated Controller of Examination Software

Our Controller of Examination Office uses a customized software ROVAN EMS for the Examination automation. Exam Application, Question Paper, Mark Entry, Hall Arrangement, Certificate Printing are all automated in our Controllers Office. The Controllers office has a separate local network connection for secured usage  and a dedicated 24/7 online server to manage data from the Controllers Office.