Anti-Narcotics Club

The Anti- Narcotics club of the college aims at involving students in awareness programmes against substance-abuse; seeking the cooperation of local self- governing bodies not only to make the campus drug-free but also to ensure that alcohol, drugs and tobacco products are not available within or near college and hostel premises; identifying drug-users among students, dissuading addicts from this dangerous habit and, if required, directing them to professionals who will help in de-addiction.

Principal Chairman
Vice Principals Vice Chairpersons
Dr S. Saju Convener
Student Representative Joint convener
Chief Administrative Officers Municipal Corporation Councillor
N. S. S. Programme Officer  
Excise Range Officer  
Government Doctor  
Staff Advisor  
PTA Vice President  
Anti -Ragging Cell Convenor  
Women Cell Convenor  
Student Secretary  
College Union Chairman  
Members Students 50