Policy on Research Consultancy

The Institution imbibes a strong research culture and integrates it with academics, at both, student and faculty levels. The IQAC and Research Committee facilitate and monitor the research activities. The committee provides all kinds of procedural and practical support to researchers. The institution promotes faculty members from each department to begin their research career through provision of academic leaves, seed money and institutional research facilities.

The institution promotes research, inculcates research culture and provides infrastructure for research activities. Majority of faculty from all research departments are approved research guides. Faculty members are also engaged in research projects funded by research funding agencies. DST, BRNS, UGC, KSCSTE and WGC are the external agencies providing a major part of the research funding. The major strength of the institution is research inclination of its faculty members. Apart from this, faculty members published their research work in International and National journals with good impact factors and citations index. In last five years, the institution has organised

10 conferences at National and lnternational level, numerous Workshops/ seminars/ sensitizing programmes which were widely acknowledged and were attended by national and international experts in the field. The faculty members are involved in free consultancy services in various areas. Department of Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Commerce are regularly providing services and knowledge based consultancy to different people and organisations. Significant consultancy work in the area or environmental issues like domestic solid waste management, Ground and surface water pollution and academic issues like taxonomical identification of shell fishes and fin fishes is being carried out by the institution.

As an effort to inculcate social consciousness among students institution encourages participation in NSS, NCC and Red Ribbon Club. They promote understanding of social realities and develop concern for the well-being of the community particularly of the weaker sections. Our institution engages in outreach as well as extension programs and encourages students to volunteer in community participation and development. This efforts provides personality enrichment to awaken the extraordinary potential and multifaceted qualities of students. As well as establish link between institution and the community at large.

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