Fatima Mata National College is run and administered by the Latin Catholic Community under the visionary guidance and leadership of Rt Rev. Dr Paul Antony Mullassery, Bishop of Quilon.


 1      Rt Rev. Dr Paul Antony Mullassery      Patron & Chairman of Education Board
    2Rev. Fr Anil Jose Manager (President), FMNC
    3Dr Vincent B. Netto Principal (Secretary), FMNC
4 Rev. Fr Anil Jose Director, Benziger Hospital, Kollam
    5Dr S. Kevin Former Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Kerala         
    6Prof. Abraham Arackal Former Principal, Maharaja’s College,Ernakulam
    7Fr Joseph John                             Principal in Charge, Karmela Rani Training College, Kollam
    8 Ms Grata Ildaphonse 
Vice Principal, FMNC

FMNC Admission 2020