Department Profile

               The Department of Psychology was established in 1981 under the leadership of Rev. Dr Joseph. J.Under the eminent guidance of Dr P. S. Anil Jose, the Head of the Department, a six- semestergraduate as well as a four-semester post-graduate course is offered with a fully functioning laboratory as well. Being the only Psychology Department in the district, we offer extensive Community, Extension, and Consultancy services for our home base.

The Department of Psychology started offerening Personal Counselling from 2004. As part of the Personal Counselling Initiative of the Department of Psychology, informative brochures on the services offered are sent to the nearby schools. The services are made available on prior scheduling via phone. Initiated in 2004, this is a service of long standing tradition that has passed the test of time. Detailed year wise report of the same, since the year 2012, is provided down below.






Sl.No Name of Faculty Aadhar No
1 Dr Anil Jose P S 688190003201
2 Dr Saji Mon  276536798929
3 Fresnel Das     780476154534
4 Sijin K.S.     528253852969
5 Aparna K.K.  651860964183
6 Vinu V.     889197461362
7 Bino C. Das     428994047912
8 Dr Reena George  327380683081


One of the very best in the state of Kerala, the Psychology lab is a continuously updated and heavily funded foray of the Department. Functioning as the corner stone, the laboratory boasts of an unparalleled 139 ultra-modern tests while at the same time built on a strong foundation of 47 apparatuses. The well-established laboratory facility is the driving force behind the extensive community services and psychological care facilities being catered to the society

List of Tests and Apparatus                                 Psychology Lab


The Psycho-Diagnostics centre continues to provide Psychological assistance to the needy. The services provided can be classified as follows.

  1. Psycho Diagnostic Services and Consultancy can be grouped into three main categories of assessment and evaluation, namely
  • Ability and Aptitude testing
  • Personality Assessment
  • Clinically based testing

All the teachers are skilled to administer, score, and interpret the results of the tests.

  1. Counseling services: All teachers are trained counselors. This centre functions as a Referral centre to which many students from various schools and colleges come seeking help.
  2. Research guidance and assistance