Department Profile


  • Prof. K. T. Kurien (1951-1970) our first Head of the Zoology Department, is the main architect of the department,  through whose dedicated and  concerted efforts, the department rose to the status of a first grade College in 1953  with the introduction of B. Sc. Degree course followed by MSc. Course   in 1964. Dr. E. I. Thomas who took   over as the next HOD   was an eminent   academician and   researcher with a DSc to his credit.   (The second D. Sc. from the University of Kerala).  Prof. Mercy Mathew,   Prof. Thomas Varghese and Dr. P. J. Thomas steered the department to greater heights in the 70’s and 80’s.
  • Dr. V. R. Prakasam, one of our most enterprising faculty member, was the driving force in elevating the department as a recognized  Research Centre (the first in the college) in 1988.  More faculty members registered themselves as research guides and 4 different research units were established in the research division at the Post Graduate and Research Block. 25 candidates secured doctoral degree and currently 14 students have enrolled for their PhD programme. Faculty members have undertaken 23 funded research projects. (Total Amount Granted : Rs.     )
  • Prof. Agnes J,   Dr. F. George D’ Cruz ,Dr. Charles D’Cruz  and Dr. Mary Teresa. P .Miranda (2015 to 2017) succeeded respectively as HOD’s. One of our eminent faculty members Dr. Sr Soosamma Kavumpurath took over as the Principal of the College (2006 to 2015). At present the department is headed by Dr. Akhila Thomas along with three permanent faculty members -  Dr. Sherly Williams E, Mrs Nisha Thomas, Dr. P J Sarlin and  five guest faculty members – Dr. Seethal Lal, Dr. Vijayasree A S, Dr. Razeena Karim, Dr. Sreelekshmi R and Mrs Saramya S . The organic work culture embedded in our system help us deliver student friendly academic programmes to optimized their employability skills apart from nurturing a sustainable personalised life skill set.


  • Mr. S. M. Desalphin I. A. S (1968-1970.M.Sc Batch).
  • Olympian Suresh Babu (1970-73 B.Sc)
  • Bharat award winner Suresh Gopi (1977-80 B.Sc)
  • Shibu. M. Job (1983-1985M.Sc), IPS (Indian Postal Service),
  • Mrs. Suchetha L G. Deputy Commissioner of Sales Tax.(BSc 1980-1983)
  • Dr. Shiranee Pereira (1982-84 M. Sc), ARS (Agricultural Research Scientist ),
  • Dr. Rani Bhaskar (HOD, Neurology ,MCH,Tvm, and Syndicate Member of  UoK ),
  • Mr. K. A. Andrews (Principal, Karmala Rani Training College),
  • Dr. Teresa V Fernadez (Prof and HOD of the Department of Aquatic Biology ,University of Kerala, 1977 – 79 MSc )
  • Rev. Sr. Spechiosa, Principal, St Xaviers college Aluva , are a few among them. 


Staff List


Name of teachers

Aadhar Number 


Antony Akhila Thomas (Ph D)



Sherly Williams E. (Ph D)



Nisha Thomas
Panikkaveetil ( M. Phil)




Sarlin P.J (Ph D)



SeethalLal (Ph.D.)

5494 1038 6352


Vijayasree (Ph.D.)

6028 7615 2080


RazeenaKarim (Ph.D.)

5151 1557 5987


Sreelekshmy S. G.(Ph.D.)

5406 6557 4482


Saramya S





















  • Introduce contemporary programmes, so as to address employability issues.
  • Optimize Collaborative Research for widening our research horizons.
  • Encourage community extension activities.



Museum- Consist of preserved specimens, models, charts based on PG and UG syllabi. Students are taken to the museum for familiarization. Class teachers accompany the students to clear their doubts.

Research lab

The zoology department has Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture and Fish Biology labs. They provide ambient facilities for doing the research programmes for students leading to Ph.D. The lab facility is also available to the post graduate students for undertaking project related works.

Faculty Members

Faculty members are the facilitators for neighboring colleges and schools in identifying specimens like fishes, crustaceans and other organisms for conducting their project related works. Occasionally  they provide guidance to fish farmers regarding induced breeding procedures.

Specialized equipments

Micro manipulator, Electrophoretic Unit with Gel documentation system, PCR, Laminar Air Flow, Spectrophotometer, Ultra centrifuge , Cold Centrifuge, Field water analyzer, Microscope with image analyser, Water Bath (Shaking and Normal), Electronic balance are available in the department for project and research activities.

Equipment List